Friday, January 20, 2012

Funds being raised for "Second Class Citizens" documentary

Here is a seven minute preview of “Second Class Citizens”, a documentary by Ryan James Yezak.  The trailer has its own name, “The Gay Rights Movement”.

I’ll mention one moment that I haven’t thought about, discussed by attorney Lisa Bloom, the “gay panic defense”.

It opens with the notorious 1967 one hour CBS show by Mike Wallace, “The Homosexuals”, when Dean Rusk, Secretary of State, said, “when we find homosexuals in our department, we discharge them.”  It mentions past adoption bans in Florida and Virginia, and the MSM blood donation ban, as well as lesser known points in the saga of “don’t ask don’t tell”, including Bill Clinton’s 1993 “open statement” quote from his July 19 speech.  I made a lot of that one phrase in my own book.

(Note, I also passed this along in Facebook, and got a warning from McAfee on the generated “clicktotweet” link at the end of the embed.  I would suggest simply tweeting the Youtube link manually.)

Kickstarter has a fundraising post, with a “deadline” of March 9, 2012, here.  Yezak says he must raise $50,000 (to qualify for investor money?)  I’m not sure this is the best way to fund independent film (the deadline part of it, at least), but that is the way this project has been set up.  $138000 has been pledged by over 3300 backers.   The link has a shorter trailer where Ryan himself speaks and makes his own pitch.

Filmmaker Gode Davis had a similar effort (no deadline) with his “American Lynching”; I am not sure what will happen to that project given his passing and will check into it further, as well as into this project.  Ryan, in his trailers, has mentioned a number of subtle points already that many gay rights activists typically overlook. 

There's another shorter video called "It's Time to Think Different" here.

I'll pass along a major contact for the fundraising:

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