Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Minnesota gay marriage battle comes back to court; Santorum misplays the "equality card"

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports (story by Kevin Duchshere and Abbey Simmons, with video included) that a lawsuit challenging Minnesota’s laws banning gay marriage will go to trial rather than be dismissed.  The story and video is here (may require paywall subscription).   The suit had been filed by three same-sex couples.   At the same time, social conservatives (as exemplified by Michele Bachmann) are aiming to get a public referendum.  (I lived in Minneapolis from 1997-2003.) 

Cheryl Wetzstein ("Reproduction rules") has a somewhat detail story in the Tuesday Washington Times here

When it comes to abstract or ideological arguments about equality, Rick Santorum has put his foot in his mouth (again), now saying that “equality doesn’t come from Islam” (of course not), “but from the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob”, ABC News story ("The Note") here

Why does “equality” as HRC promotes it matter, in practice, even to people who live their lives pretty much alone and do OK?   Well, without it, others will come knocking on the door and demand that you “sacrifice” for their purposes.   That brings back the “second class citizens” theory.

If Romney and Gingrich destroy each other (which is happening now), Santorum could really get in to the nomination.  And his statements do not bode well for LGBT people.  I’m less worried about Gingrich (despite his 1995 statement about “asking” on the military gay ban) and even less about Romney (“nice try”).  But maybe I should be.

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