Sunday, January 01, 2012

Town DC is packed, crowd seems "new"; New Years Eve goes rather quietly; Hawaii, Delaware allow same-sex civil unions

This year,  I tried the TownDC’s New Year’s party, a personal first (Cobalt in previous years). Bought the ticket online from a service website in FL; it winds up saving “just’ $2.50.  Used Metro this time, all went pretty smoothly.

I got there about 10:40 PM and it was already packed downstairs. The drag show, featuring Lady Gaga songs and maybe “Sister Act”, was brief and over by 11.  I was downstairs during the countdown.

Upstairs, where neon rings were getting circulated, was also packed.  The crowd seemed to start thinning a little around 1 AM. 

Apologies, if I was a bit boorish on brushing off one unwelcome kiss (not a “Judas Kiss”).

There were some guys, a little zonked, who definitely needed to take advantage of the free taxi service. I hope they did.

One highlight came around 12:30 AM with song "HELLO" and the "short film" that goes with it. 

Outside, we saw the entrepreneurial free market work the way it should. In front of the Nine bar, a Pizza truck pulled up at 1:30 AM as a huge line developed for food. 

In coming days, I've have to answer a disturbing and snarky LTE in the Washington Times from Dec 30 (once the LTE appears online and I can do some "fact checking"). In California, school systems have to teach some history of the gay movement. 

Also, Hawii and Delaware today joined the list of five states that allow same-sex civil unions (six allow gay marriage). Hawaii calls it "partners in life". Josh Levs of CNN has the story:

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