Tuesday, February 14, 2012

At the Fairfax, VA courthouse Valentine's Day, a same-sex marriage rally for one female couple

 Today, there was a rally for marriage equality near the Fairfax County courthouse in Fairfax VA (not technically in the county!), where Karen Rasmussen and Barb Brehm, partners for 26 years, had gone upstairs in the building to apply for a marriage license, not legal in VA because of the Marshall-Newman amendment of 2006.  The court used an “old form” and was reportedly very cordial, meeting in a conference room, but said that under Virginia law there was no way to accept the application.  Weather was cloudy and mild, around 50 degrees. 

The couple merged about 2:10 PM (after about 20 minutes in the building) for the crowd. Members of a Unitarian congregation in Fairfax were leading the gathering.  Candles had been handed out, but were not used while I was there.   Most of the crowd dispersed around 2:40 PM.

At another point, a speaker talked about “protecting the family” and added, “from what?”

Fairfax News has an account of the event here  (Below, the pooch was watching nearby birds most of the time.)

Fox News (local, Channel 5), and News Channel 8 (ABC, associated with WJLA-7) were present filming.
I have a lot of video not yet processed, but here are two of the clearer files:

Then speaking:

The Associated Press reports on the signing of a law allowing same-sex marriage in Washington State here

Washington Station WJLA reports on the progress of same-sex marriage legislation (with a video taken in Annapolis) in Maryland, here.

Steve Kornacki has an article on NJ GOP governor  Chris Christie and his political predicament over trying to veto marriage, hoping the state senate will override it, link here (in Salon, remember, a COPA plaintiff.). 

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