Friday, February 03, 2012

Boy Scouts leader recommends signing on to "no bullying"

A writer for Scouting magazine (with the Boy Scouts of America) has submitted for publication a blog entry supporting the GLSEN’s anti-bullying effort: specifically, “No Name-Calling Week”: “no sticks, no stones, no dissing”. This appears on “Bryan on Scouting, a Blog for BSA Adult Leaders”, here

Bryan writes that “to disagree is not to disrespect”.  Some of the comments see this as a canard and claim that exclusion is the real problem, driven by hidden ties to the Vatican and maybe the Mormon Church, both.  Scouting apparently still has its congressional approbation.

In 2000, the Supreme Court ruled that BSA could maintain its exclusionary policies because it was a private organization, in response to the lawsuit from James Dale.  Libertarians supported the BSA in the position but maintained it should never use public funds or resources. 

The Huffington Post has a lead story here on the development. 

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