Friday, February 17, 2012

Lambda Legal magazine discusses tricky issues for gay parents, and an important housing case in Hawaii; MD House OK's marriage bill, with a catch; NJ veto

Since Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund is a regular recipient of a small monthly contribution from my Mother’s estate trust, I now get a subscription to their magazine, “Impact”.

The current issue (Winter, 2012) that arrived today has a detailed legal discussion (by Beth Littrell) of the problems of LGBT people in adopting children – taking responsibility for the next generation, with some irony, on p. 6. She notes that some states require that a biological parent terminate parental rights before another unmarried adult (hence, another distinction between marriage and civil union) can adopt. “This, Lambda Legal has repeatedly argued, would lead to the absurd result of denying many children of same-sex parents two legal parents”.

On p. 4 there is a short report “B&B & Bias”, about a bed and breakfast in Hawaii that refused to rent a room to two lesbians, after the owner asked and the couple told, truthfully. There has been a similar case (with a male couple) with bed and breakfast in Fairfax, VA.  


The Maryland House OK'd gay marriage Friday evening, but with a caveat that probably will require voter approval.  In New Jersey, Chris Christie vetoed a law, but it might get an override from the legislature. Baltimore Sun story is here.  New Jersey could lose out economically if the legislature doesn't overturn the governor, as gay marriage really does generate jobs in nearby New York State.

Update 2:  Feb. 24

The Maryland Senate passed the bill early Thursday evening. 

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