Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Companies in Britain, Australia promote gay male surrogate parenting

Barrie and Tony Brewitt-Barlow are reported to have opened up Britain’s first center for surrogate fatherhood, according to the site “Bio Edge”, in a story by Jared Yee, link here

The story also repots the bizarre assertion that fertility businesses in Melbourne, Australia are recruiting gay men to supply sperm for infertile women who want families. 

An email to me from   also gives this link on fertility assistance, here

In an email to me from “Lucid Publications” Ebony Simpson writes:

“Only a handful of states with surrogacy-friendly laws also have laws that are LGBT-friendly, creating extra challenges to ensuring both intended parents can become legal parents, and with the legalization of gay marriage, an increasing number of gay couples are seeking surrogates.

“The technology and methodology for assisting single gay males or gay male couples in becoming biological parents has made great strides in the past decade. Based in part on legal and medical parenting arrangements facilitated by Dr. Steinberg and the Fertility Institutes, gay parenthood has become an achievable  and affordable option for most couples interested in beginning or expanding a family through the world’s only fully-integrated gay surrogacy program, providing physicians, surrogates, egg donors and legal services.”

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