Saturday, March 31, 2012

Missouri school district settles case of over-filtering gay-related websites

The media is reporting the settlement of a suit against a Missouri school district for over-filtering out gay-related content on its school computers.  Political (but non-sexually explicit) sites like HRC were filtered out, but ex-gay sites were not.  I don't have any idea as to whether my own sites or blogs were blocked.  It had apparently used a system called "URL Blacklist" designed by a "Dr. Guardian" in Britain. The school district apparently had to pay legal fees.

The Kansas City Star (picture above, from 2006 trip) has a story on "local anger" about the matter in Camdenton, MO here.

When I was substitute teaching in northern Virginia, my "" site was not blocked.  In fact, it's being "discovered" contributed to a major controversy in October 2005 at one high school.  I was able to fnd accesses (with certain provocative search arguments) on my server logs with the FCPS IP address.

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