Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rainbow Book Fair held in NYC; Black Party is a spectacle even on the street; get your Therapy

The Rainbow Book Fair (link) on Saturday March 24, 2012 took the first and third floors of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center in New York City (see Books blog posts on March 22, 23), link.
There were probably about sixty publishers in a very crowded and busy scene.
“The Saint at Large” (named after a popular East Village disco from the 80s)  held the annual Black Party this weekend (at the Roseland Ballroom).  There was a line of men in leather about two blocks long even at 2 AM.   I overheard an announcement that cell phones had to be checked and were not allowed at the party. Maybe that’s common at circuit parties, but I had never heard this before. The event is planning to release a DVD film called “The Black Party Symphony” and perhaps it doesn’t want to risk blogger (photo) exposure cutting its market.   The link is here  (there’s a trailer for the “film” there at the bottom of the page, and some provocative stuff happens to people on it). Sunday night, there is another event called “The Benediction”. 

Nearby, in Hell’s Kitchen, less than two blocks away, a place called “The Therapy” (link ) also on W 52nd had its own free party for the preppy crowd (whose "values" are, I think, "pickier").   There is a “staircase” (pun for the name of the 1968 comedy film that I have never been able to find to rent) forms the visual center of the place, and a small, packed, informal dance floor and “stage” upstairs on one side, rather traditional (mostly 80s and 90s) retro disco music. 

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