Saturday, March 10, 2012

Town DC still crowded early on Fridays; JR's plans "Do Ask Do Tell" party for active military

I tried Friday night at the Town DC, for the first time since – when?  It’s true, it’s 18+, but most people have the “Landshark” wrist bands. (They're very hard to cut off when you get home.)

The parking lot gets full much earlier than on Saturday nights (in my experience), and the crowd is much bigger even before the drag show starts.  (Maybe there is leftover crowd from “Bear happy hour”, which  I have never gotten around to visiting).  The show is short, about an hour. The crowd, at least judging from last night, dwindles a bit around 12:45 PM (maybe people go to the Cobalt), but then it builds back big by about 1:30 AM.  And things look pretty amorous – rather like Will and Neil in Salem’s gay bar in a recent episode of “Days of our Lives”.

I strikes me that working as a professional drag queen in clubs must be very hard work, week after week.  “Are you having a good time?” 

Oh, Fridays, they have the dancers.   In DC (given local laws), no touching, just tips.  (Remember “The Wet” and “The Edge”?)  And here, every dancer looks laser-waxed 100% smooth, at least last night.  It’s so artificial. Not so in other cities, at least Minneapolis (the Gay 90s Club), when I lived there.  

Since Daylight Savings Time starts tonight, maybe more people were out last night. But how many people think of that ahead of time?

I notice, from an ad in Metro Weekly, that JR’s in Washington DC will have a “Do Ask Do Tell” party for military men (free drinks) next Thursday March 15 from 4-8 PM (Happy Hour).  I hope they air Ashley Judd’s “Missing” at 8 PM, which pilots that day.  I don’t know if JR’s in Dallas on Cedar Springs plans to have the same party (I was there in November).

Do Ask Do Tell” is the title of two of my books (see Amazon) and my domain “”. I guess I read need to get hopping on my movie of that title.  Yes, it has a “sci-fi” overlay, but so did “Judas Kiss”.

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