Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fundraising address for Maryland, Washington state equality campaigns; NC referendum May 8

I wanted to post the full fundraising pitch at the close of the HRC reception Friday, April 27, 2012. Persons were urged not to leave a rather full reception until they had donated to the Maryland and Washington state initiative to defeat the (likely) referendums on same-sex marriage this November.  There were desktop computer stations available.

I do all my donation at home online, and much of it goes through a Trust.  As a “journalist”, I don’t get involved in “recruiting people” to contribute to anything.  Because then I would have to do it for everything.  And I did have another “event” in Georgetown to get to, nearby.

There are two relevant videos.  They  emphasize the way the future for real people can be affected by the outcome of the votes in November.

Closing Remarks:

Earlier (Chad Griffin):

Update: May 6

Remember, North Carolina has a referendum Tuesday May 8 on a state constitutional amendment that, like Virginia's Marshall-Newman, would ban civil unions, but this would also extend to heterosexual civil unions. See this story in the Southern Pilot, link

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