Tuesday, April 03, 2012

LLDEF files suit over Ohio school district's banning pro-gay T-shirt

Lambda Legal is supporting a high school junior in Waynesville, Ohio (in SW Ohio), in his battle for his First Amendment rights to wear a T-shirt that says “Jesus was not a homophobe”, with the LLDEF summary papers here. (I think it used to be called "Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund" but I notice that now the group just calls itself "Lambda Legal". I'll use that name in the future.)

 Lambda Legal  has filed suit against the Wayne Local School District.

The principal of the school regarded the T-shirt as “sexual” in nature.
Waynesville is in SW Ohio, somewhat north of Cincinnati.

There is later news to the effect that the school has said it would allow the T-shirt on one day, April 20. 

School districts feel they are caught in a vise, as “neutrality” on this subject gets interpreted indirectly as hostility.  I didn't encounter anything directly of this nature when subbing in Arlington and Fairfax county (VA) school systems 2004-2007. 

Picture: Oberlin, OH, fall, 2010. 

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