Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mainstream denominations facing real tests of faith on gay marriage; "Equality" concept seems to be taking hold

Today, I visited a different church than usual, the Mount Olivet United Methodist Church in Arlington VA.  During the message today, the pastor, Tim Craig, referred to gay marriage as a current issue of controversy in the church, and to his conviction that “one person’s relationship shouldn’t be more valuable than another’s.”  He also referred to the idea of “common good” as an idea that can be made monolithic (without referring specifically to Rick Santorum and his monoculuralism).

He did talk about the concept of “momentum” with an amusing allegory, baseball (no, he didn’t mention the Nats’ Bryce Harper).  A “double play” in baseball is an example of momentum, when there is a force at any base.  So is playing the outfield deep.  I sat there thinking about boyhood, when we designed “backyard baseball” to work with fewer players, so we added the idea of forceouts at any base to keep the scores reasonable.

Last night Town DC featured “Drew G” and the “Dirty Pop” party with the “College Dudes”.  There a bit of primary color in the costume dress. 

The crowd was really packed upstairs after about 12:30 AM.  Unfortunately, I could see on my smart phone that the Washington Nationals had blown a two-run lead in the bottom of the ninth on a wild pitch, on the night of Bryce Harper's successful debut. 

How do "the kids" text with thumbs while holding drinks and dancing at the same time?  I can't do all that. 

Once in a while, someone will approach me.  Sometimes, it is someone I would not necessarily "want".  Up to a point, that can become a disturbing question of karma.

The Sunday New York Times has a detailed article in the Review section on p 12 by Richard M. Ryan and William S. Ryan about homophobia, suppressed homosexuality, and strict upbringing. here

The Huffington Post reports on another bullying case in Utah leading to a teen suicide, even after the movie "Bully" had started, link here

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