Sunday, May 06, 2012

Baltimore clubs are very near the Maryland film festival

Last night, a few blocks from the Maryland Film Festival in Baltimore, I checked out the “scene” at Grand Central and then the Hippo. 

At Grand Central, the disco was already open at 9:30 PM and it appeared to be a women’s party.  Customers often wore black jerseys with various markings, such as “Caustic”.  (I actually misread it as “Gnostic”).  The third floor dance parlor now appears to be reserved for women.

Across the corner, the Hippo crowd, from 11 PM-12 midnight, seemed smaller than usual, but the karaoke was vigorous.  One gal sang “For Your Eyes Only” (from the James Bond film) -- very well, on pitch, and with operatic professionalism -- and, curiously, Karaoke software advertised the fact that the song was in F# Major, a curious key for a popular Hollywood tune.

There are at least two gay films at the Maryland festival.  I skipped on Gayby because I saw the short was not so impressed.  The movies blog will cover the story of Bishop Gene Robinson soon.  

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