Sunday, May 27, 2012

Do "gays" replace "Wall Street" for the Dems?; more on Workey's rant; Memorial Day weekend clubbing

What, CNN is now saying that the Democratic Party has replaced Wall Street with “gays” in its campaign funding base?  I’m a little surprised to hear that out of a “liberal” cable network.

Saturday, the New York Times ran a “Common Sense” story (by James Stewart) about North Carolina gay businessman Bob Page and his company Replacements Limited in Greensboro, link here.  The title is “A company’s stand for gay marriage, and the cost”.  One of the “hate” letters he got actually included this text:  “I am very concerned that with the increased visibility and acceptance of the gay and lesbian lifestyle, one of my children, who would have grown up happily married to a husband, could be tempted to the lesbian lifestyle.”  That’s pretty blunt, and people really believe that.  Translate it this way:  As a parent, I’m afraid my kids won’t give me any grandchildren, after all these years of active marital commitment.  It seems like there’s no right to refuse sex, ironically.

The Huffington Post has an article in which NC English teacher Evan Adams discusses his personal  reaction to Maiden NC Pastor Charles Worley and his unbelievable sermon, “How Pastor Charles Worley left me fearing for my safety,” link here. (See also yesterday’s post  for HRC link).  This is no longer about the abstract notion of personal equality; it is about being left alone by those who need to dominate you (to make their own lives work).  The First Amendment cuts both ways.  

Meanwhile: Holiday Weekend perambulations:

Last night, back in DC, I did a bit of an impromptu check-up adventure on the neighborhoods, expect light crowds since this was Memorial Day weekend and people really are traveling more again to the beaches.

I stopped at the Omega, on 22nd Street, found it pre-occupied with dancers, but no participant dancing. There’s a little stage that would work as a dance floor. There’s a couple of pool rooms, and upstairs, a place for “Wii” sports, which I had gotten introduced to a few years ago by “the kids” as a substitute teacher.  This time the game was bowling. 

Nearby, the old Apex-DC disco has become a women’s bar, Phase 1 of Dupont  (there’s another property in SE DC).  I could hear music from inside, but saw no line outside.  A police car was parked in the alley for a while as I walked past, don’t know why.  It didn’t appear that a whole lot was happening.  The Apex space had been one of my favorites, with many interesting spaces, and an elevated observation deck above the main dance floor.  In the 1990s it had been called “Badlands”.

I walked past the Pop Stop, and saw, across P Street, a long line to get into The Fireplace.  I don’t really know why that would be. 

I then “caved in” and hiked over to the Cobalt on 17th Street.   The crowd was a little smaller than usual, because of holiday.   Upstairs there was the “last Saturday” “Raw” party, with a brief clown stage show around midnight.  Not sure that I got the context;  maybe it’s a preview of the Joker from the upcoming “The Dark Night Rises”. The mist on the dance floor tends to reflect light from cheaper digital cameras and blur the images. 

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