Monday, May 07, 2012

Indiana school expels bullied boy who "protects self"; Biden, Duncan support gay marriage

The Indianapolis Star reports that a gay student (at Indianapolis Tech High School) was suspended and may be expelled for bringing and fake-firing a taser at school, after his mother gave him the taser, because he didn’t feel safe from the bullies. 
Yet, the principal, in remarks to the press, stressed the behavior of “dressing like a girl” as bringing on the taunts.

The mother stood behind her son, African American. The story is (wesbite url) here

Dr. Phil appeared on Monday on the “The View” and was critical of the behavior of many parents, including bullies’ parents, for leaving kids the impression that life is about social combat in a pecking order.

I was teased from about third to ninth grades (1950s). Once or twice I "fought with my fingernails" and could have inflicted real injury, in seventh grade.  But teachers were indifferent. But I got in trouble in ninth grade for verbal abuse in a time when disability was not looked at the way it is today.

In another development Sunday, Vice President Joe Biden told Meet the Press that he is comfortable with gay marriage, with story by Carrie Dann here.   The president's position is still "evolving". 

It’s a matter of equality and “who you love”.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan told NBC’s “Morning Joe” that he agrees with Biden’s position.

See Saturday, April 28 for extra note about referendum Tuesday in North Carolina.  MSNBC says it pits Bill Clinton against Billy Graham.  I'll stay tuned on this. 

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