Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Need Therapy? For real?

It seems that in NYC even weeknights are crowded with major shows in the bars.  In Hells Kitchen, at the Therapy, on Tuesday night there was a major jazz improvisation (please, not another "recomposition"), and some Broadway medleys.

The place has bartenders with shirts that read "need help?" or "got love?", and has a second-floor skylight, unusual for a bar at ground level.

This time, the performer seemed to be a real performer, and was really singing, not pantomiming as in a drag show.

The music set up is interesting too -- a Yamaha keyboard, and iPad with Adobe controlling what the performers see, but no pedals. 

"Therapy" was all the rage in the NYC community in the good old days of the 70s, with Identity House and the Ninth Street Center. 

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