Saturday, May 05, 2012

Obama administration remains ambivalent on DP rights for federal workers, and transgendered employees in law enforcement: say one thing, do something else

The Obama administration has remained Janus-faced on same-sex marriage and DOMA.  In “The Federal Worker”, by Joe Davidson, on p B4 of the Saturday Washington Post, the paper reports that the administration said that the case of Karen Golinski, a federal courts employee in California, must not be used as a precedent for other federal employees, who are still technically precluded from d.p. benefits by DOMA.  The link to the column, “Cases address lesbian, transgender worker rights”, is here

Obama has said he supports repeal of DOMA and the Department of Justice is no longer defending the law in court.

The column also covers Mia Macy, a former male police officer in Phoenix, who transitioned to female and was not hired by ATF in California, with evasive reasons given. 

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