Wednesday, June 06, 2012

BSA to reconsider gay ban, allow local groups to set policy

The Boy Scouts of America is reported to be considering changing its policy regarding gays and lesbians, by removing a national "ban" on gay scouts and leaders and letting local "chartering organizations" set their own policies.

MSNBC reports on the matter in a story by Miranda Leitsinger, here.

Jennifer Tyrel, removed from the organization as a leader in Ohio because she was a lesbian, circulated a petition to end the 102-year-old policy here.  The petition, on, attracted over 300000 signatures.  ThinkProgress has an interview with Zach Wahls ( Campus Progress link) (he was raised by a same-sex couple).

The Supreme Court ratified the "right" of the BSA to select and exclude its own members in 2000 (Dale v. BSA) but since then BSA has come into criticism when it uses public facilities and has been banned in some communities.

The repeal of the military "don't ask don't tell" should help set the right psychological mood for the BSA to change its policy.

In the 1980s, the BSA sometimes showed up at jobs fairs in Dallas with jobs for computer programmers.  I would have been reluctant to "bite".

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