Thursday, June 07, 2012

Capital Pride holds "jello wrestling" contest

Wednesday night (June 6), DC Pride Week continued with the Capital Pride 2012 Jello Wrestling contest at the Phase 1 on 8th Street SE, near Eastern Market Metro.  A typical event announcement is here

I arrived about 10:10 PM and was surprised to find a slow line outside the premises on a weekday night. Metro stops at midnight, but the event was to go until 1 AM.  It took about 25 minutes to get in, and once inside, I found the place as packed as the Abbey in West Hollywood a couple weeks ago.

I wondered why the event wasn't held at Phase 1's larger space on 22nd St NW (the old Apex-DC).

Yes, there was an inflatable wading pool, filled with jello, and women really were wrestling, and there really was a referee.  They pretty much followed the rules.
The Nationals had just won as I got in line; the ballpark isn’t too far away.   

By the way, it seems that "Capital Pride" (link) is spelled with an "a", not an "o", to refer to the Capitol itself. 

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