Sunday, June 10, 2012

Part 1 of Pride DC 2012

The Pride Parade in Washington DC again started at 4:30 PM, an hour earlier than two years ago, and this year, I did get there on time, more or less.

As usual, it went north from Dupont Circle, made a loop and came back down 17th Street.

Some of the highlights: DC Front Runners wore long, almost gartered black socks, don't know why.

ACLU has one of the "loudest" floats.

Food and Friends came to bat early.

No, MLB does not have a float, but now people were actually following the Nationals beating the Red Sox, 4-2, at the same time on their cell phones.

Cobalt Level One started serving delicious burgers outside around 5 PM.  A dog kept begging for mine.

JR's "bullpen party" started early, and had a line before 8 PM.

Cobalt's Pride Dance upstairs didn't really get going until about 10:30 PM.  Higher cover than usual for Pride. The laser show (and some "M star Red Dwarf" lights) was impressive.

Don't forget The Washington Blade and its float.

Gay Mormons had a float.

There was also a band performance.

My first pride march was in NYC in June 1973, when I marched with the Ninth Street Center and wore a T-shirt with one of the letters.  

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