Saturday, July 28, 2012

Amazon chief ups ante with support of gay marriage in Washington State

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos entered the fray on the use of money and fame to support political causes with a large personal donation supporting gay marriage, specifically to help support a “yes” vote ratifying a new Washington state law supporting same-sex unions, Referendum 74, on Nov. 6.

Forbes has an article, “Jeff Bezos kicks straight support for gay marriage up a notch”, link here

CNN was debating the idea, suggesting an ethical issue with the way celebrities use fame, and businesspersons use money to support social causes.  I took a third path, without fame or a lot of money, but just low costs, determination, and some social detachment to influence debate (as with gays in the military) by staying online for 15 years with user-generated content and leveraging user generated content.  That effort raised questions about “the privilege of being listened to”, as I have debated with myself on my main blog.  It also raises the issue of my dislike of joining fundraising issues for specific “other people’s causes”. 
Remember, on June 25, the Supreme Court had  (implicitly) rejected a Montana’s campaign finance laws or mechanisms, and given a green light to “money speech” (see Issues Blog, June 23 and 25).  That seems to contradict my own concern over “conflict of interest” in the workplace, as mentioned yesterday in conjunction with “Chick Fil A”.

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