Monday, July 02, 2012

Anderson Cooper "tells"

Anderson Cooper “officially” came out as gay today, according to MSNBC and Andrew Sullivan’s “Daily Beast” website.

Cooper has been particularly aggressive in reporting abuse of minors, especially the whole Sandusky scandal and trial, and was probably instrumental in forcing this and several other cases into law enforcement by relentless coverage on his AC360 and daily shows.

He has also vigorously covered bullying, both cyber and regular, both anti-gay and other. His coverage probably contributed to the vigorous prosecution in the Rutgers case involving Tyler Clementi.

His pet (perhaps trademarked) phrase is “keeping them honest”, as well as his Ridculist.  The concept of “keeping them honest” resembles my “do ask do tell”.

The daytime show tends to focus on sensational personal issues of people, but has been empathetic to families. But sometimes he has to say he is not a parent himself. 

Cooper lives in NYC, although CNN is headquartered in Atlanta.  He spent early years as a journalist in primitive areas in SE Asia.  He reports from overseas often, especially in war and rebellion related areas.

 On the day before the 2008 financial crisis, he was reporting from Texas on Hurricane Rita, wading in a flood.

The MSNBC story (by Gail Fashingbauer Cooper) is here

Andrew Sullivan’s column is here.  

Three major syndicated daily talk shows have “gay” hosts:  Ellen, Nate, and Anderson.

Picture: a guest at Baltimore Pride. 

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