Sunday, July 22, 2012

Clubs in DC host out-of-town visitors for XIX AIDS Conference in Washington

Saturday night, the Town DC did have a big party, slightly larger than usual, but with a large number of people from out-of-town for the (21st)  “ XIX International Age Conference July 22-27 Washington DC”.  There will be more coverage on the conference on the Issues blog.

I met someone from Toronto, later a gentleman closer to my own age from Indiana. And early in the evening, I encountered someone I had known from the Minnesota AIDS Project (“Pride Alive”), now living in Seattle.  This was definitely a night for “interleague play”.   

The “drag show” continued upstairs a bit, on the elevated stage on the East side of the disco floor.  But this night, it seemed that things were actually more “festive” (a term from my Dallas days) downstairs.

The cooler (only about 70 degrees outside), damp, almost early October-like weather was welcome.  It can be like this in DC at Thanksgiving.  Curiously, traffic on U Street was not as dense as usual.

By the way, the Town Discotheque shows up by name on Google Maps if you type in "U Street" and Washington DC.

P.S. A "clubby" and familiar video, from Brooklyn, by Arvo Part:

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