Thursday, August 09, 2012

Actor in important gay film "attacked" in Montana; another attack in DC; strangebedffellows in MD marriage referendum; LATER: a "hoax" in MT?

An actor who had performed in the indie gay film “Judas Kiss” (Wolfe video, reviewed on my movies blog June 4, 2012) was (reportedly) attacked outside a bar in Missoula Montana early Sunday morning, according to a link provided by the film’s Facebook site, link here

A Montana newspaper, the Missoulian, also reported the incident  (website url) here. (But see the update later on this posting, at the bottom.)

In late July, a gay male couple was attacked in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington DC after getting out of a limousine near their home, WJLA story here. A rally was held in NE DC over the incident today Aug. 9.

Also, today, media reports indicate that gay marriage proponents do not relish seeing an anti-casino referendum  proposal on the ballot in Maryland in November, because it could draw out more socially conservative voters.  Right now, it appears that supporters of gay marriage in Maryland may have a slight lead.  But an increase in turnout over another issue could tip the scales.  This is one case where a “libertarian” position on gay rights carries the day. 

Update: Later today:  Montana attack a hoax?

Well, I spend a lot of time chasing these stories down, and now I read on MSNBC (moments ago) that the supposed attack on Joseph Baken from Billings, MT was a hoax, and that he injured himself with a stunt, and has been charged with filing a false police report.  Here is the MSNBC story link.

I guess you don't believe every "news" story that shows up in your personalized wall on Facebook. 

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