Saturday, September 22, 2012

A visit to a "Bear Happy Hour"

Last night I visited the Bear Happy Hour at Town DC, sponsored by a group called Bear Crue (link).     Bear says it has a dance at a place called PW’s in Laurel MD (halfway to Baltimore) the second Saturday of the month.

I had first stopped at Nellie's, noting that the Nationals were winning their baseball game. 
I got to Town about 9 PM.  The free cover period lasted until 9:30 PM.  There was a guitar soloist show, country and western, downstairs. I’ve never seen a performer tether a smart phone to an electric guitar to play the instrument or control its sound effects.

Upstairs there was a social gathering, not really a dance, with the disco floor lighted.  The Crue group had sales tables on the stage upstairs.

As for the crowd, there is a term that was common in movie reviews back in the 1950s, “matter of taste”.  There really weren’t that many of the stereotypes (including men with a lot of tattoos) present.  One interesting detail: a number of men were wearing a black-and-white plaid shirt with a distinctice  design grid.   

But at 10 PM, the club goes back to its regular evening of 18+ covered admission, with drag show.

Just before 10, the bar staff turned on the Nats game, just in time to see the Nationals blow the home game in top of the ninth inning.  A lot of people actually watched. (The manager should have left his starting pitcher in to finish a complete game.)
In the meantime, upstairs stayed open, and converted to a “dance” by around 10:30.

The dance floor upstairs during the regular hours was as packed as I’ve ever seen it – and this is Friday night, not Saturday.  So the "Bear Happy Hours" sounds like "good business".  

At around 12:30, there was a special stage show upstairs. It seemed to mock a UFO abduction.  Tow men and one woman wore “electrocardiographic” pods and lights, which theoretically could have been powered by the body’s own electricity (I’m sure there were batteries). 
 Last picture (regular drag show): The parasol seems to come from the Stephen Sondheim play "Sunday in the Park with George".

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