Monday, September 03, 2012

GOP officially ignores, then spurns gays in platform, while "Homocon" has visible disco party in Tampa

CNN is reporting that gays were visible at the GOP convention in Tampa despite the Elephant platform leaving them out of marriage.

CNN has a link to a gallery of ten still photos from a “Homocon” disco party “GOProud” , at the Honey Pot in Ybor City (a Tampa neighborhood).

I visited the Honey Pot myself in November 2004.  It still seemed like summer.Shirts didn't stay on very well. 

The link to the CNN story by Jen Christensen is here

However, Frank Bruni wrote a stinging op-ed in the New York Times Sunday, “Excluded from Inclusion”, link here

No one openly gay was invited to speak,  Bruni points out.  (That doesn’t mean that no one who is gay spoke, which is pretty apparent, but we won’t name names.)   Bruni also points out that, for the Mormon Church (Romney, at least), marriage has, by necessity, experienced changes in definition and been a “variable star” concept.

Wikipedia attribution link for Ybor picture. 

I remember, as a grad student instructor in algebra, how students had trouble with “the definitions”. 

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