Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lawsuits for assaults in military include a male-male case

The Daily Beast is reporting that at least nineteen former service members are suing the Secretary of Defense for failing to act after they were raped.  At least one of the plaintiffs is a male., Kole Welsh, who says he obtained HIV from the attack.

The incident appears to have occurred about two years ago, before the formal  repeal of DADT.

The news reports indicate that the use of the chain of command in the military means that many incidents don’t get reported.

The male-male incident sounds significant because generally the Pentagon has been reporting almost no incidents or problems at all with the repeal. 

However, success with the repeal would require that actual assaults (heterosexual or homosexual) be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, without exception or command discretion.

The Daily Beast story is here.

A similar story is on The Gloss.

The story has also been aired Saturday on CNN.

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