Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Maryland voters now more inclined to support gay marriage than casinos

A few weeks ago, it was feared that the casino referendum (Question 7) would hurt the chances of gay marriage surviving its own referendum (Question 6) this November 6, because a casino referendum could draw socially conservative voters to the polls.

It may instead draw some libertarian voters who would favor casino expansion and who, while they may oppose measures that focus so much on government “benefits” or institutionalism, would still favor civil equality.

In fact, a WTOP poll found that 60% of Maryland voters surveyed would vote for recognizing same sex marriage (that is, would not overturn the law signed March 1), and 34% would vote to disallow gay marriage. But 48% would vote to allow big gaming expansion in Maryland (beyond Maryland Live) to allow a big operation at National Harbor, whereas 46% oppose.

The gaming question has been affected by media ads paid for by Hollywood casinos, operating a major facility in Charlestown W VA, 80 miles from DC, which would lose business.  One such ad hired a former Maryland teacher to say that casino revenues would not wind up in classrooms. 

The WTOP story is here

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