Friday, November 02, 2012

Dupont High Heels Race: Election volunteering; ex-gay stories persist in news

Today, three different topics are covered:

The Dupont High Heels Race is almost as much a Washington tradition as the Easter Egg Roll (although other cities have one, too).  I got to 17th Street last night as the crowd was packed, south of JR’s.  The various drag queen personalities (like Lena from Town – “Are you having a good time?”) and a pantomime of “The View” had assembled, to race north. This is the first time I've ever gotten to this race. 

I had a ticket for a 9 PM show nearby (which see on movie’s blog), so I couldn’t see the entire race. I understand that JR’s showed it on closed-circuit television.

This would be a good place to give the link for HRC’s Election activity, including phone-a-thon.  Yes, I got a robo message for it.  Here’s the link. The priority candidates are Pocan, Sinema, and Tokano for the US House (Wisconsin, Arizona, California).  The HRC is asking for volunteers to make calls – but I get irritated by so many calls from so many candidates, constantly!!

And, in general, some of these heavily sponsored broadcast ads are so childish in their wording (“MY family”) that they get sickening. The "logic" of the anti-gay-marriage paid ad is pretty sickening (it claims that employees of charities will lose their jobs).  It plays all the time.  

There was a distracting story, by Erik Eckholm, in the New York Times Thursday bringing back a little legitimacy in claimed ex-gay conversions.  I leave it to the visitor to draw his or her own conclusions. The link is here

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