Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Minorities much more likely to accept gay equality and gay marriage than earlier; two gay dads talk about a hitch in adoption on NBC Today

Aaron Blake has a little piece in Chris Cilliza’s blog “The Fix” in the Washington Post on Tuesday November 13, 2012, “A shift on gay marriage”, p. A4, link here

Blake points out that gay equality “won” four straight “games” in all four states Tuesday largely because the support for gay marriage, and even “gay rights” as a whole has improved in minority communities.
This is particularly true in Maryland, a “blue state” but a portion of whose African-American pastors were vociferously against gay marriage during the whole process.

Generally, in the past, racial or ethnic minorities (whatever their religious stands) have opposed gay marriage as part of their opposition to supposed “gay lifestyles” as hostile to the idea of continuing family lineages through procreation.  The same kind of thinking undergirds the Vatican’s position, as well as vitriolic anti-gay laws in countries like Uganda.

Prince George’s County, on the eastern side of Washington DC, with a majority population of minorities (especially African American, particularly in newer home developments), barely approved same-sex marriage, as it also barely approved casino construction which will happen in the county (at National Harbor) (story link here)
The Baltimore Sun ran a proud article Nov. 7 about Maryland’s historic vote, link here

The “Best of the Left” has a YouTube video on the principle that you should not put rights up for a vote.

To change the subject to gay parenting:

Also, on the NBC Today Show, Mark and Paul appeared as gay dads having adopted a girl, and talked about the 10 to 30-day waiting period where a biological mother can contest and adoption in some states (like Connecticut).  They were on a show “The Baby Wait” on Logo Tuesday Nov. 13 at 10 PM (to be reviewed later  -- Nelson and Tiyale tonight). 

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