Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pro football ticket giveaway reinforces blood donation ban

On NBC Washington (Channel 4) Saturday morning, on the Washington Redskins preview, I saw a pitch for a Red Cross blood drive sponsored in part by the NFL professional football team.  One of the perks possible for blood donors was a ticket to a Redskins' game.  (The Skins won on Sunday, for a change.)

This reminded me of the ban on blood donations from MSM (one instance since 1977).  There is a recent detailed article on the issue in the Atlantic ("Tainted"), from October 2012, here. Why not use a one-year self-deferral policy instead now, given the advances in detection of all known STD's?

The ban does not affect lesbians.

I am 69, with persistent negative tests, and no "activity" since 1999.  Yet I am banned.  

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