Saturday, November 17, 2012

Supreme Court seems likely to take gay marriage cases after political success; DC club gets nice renovation; more on parking and Metro

The Supreme Court is supposed to announce Dec. 3 whether it will take up courses regarding bans on same-sex marriage or its federal recognition:  that is, the California Proposition 8, and four challenges to the Defense of Marriage Act.

The recent victories on election day in Maryland, Maine and Washington, and the indirect victory in Minnesota, are thought to make it more likely that the Supreme Court will take all this up.  Otherwise it could be left with a situation where DOMA is invalidated only in two circuits, complicated the Full Faith and Credit Clause.  Furthermore, the sudden success of gay marriage in popular votes  makes it appear that the political process will gradually overcome historical refusal to recognize same-sex relationships.

The Washington Blade on Nov. 16 has the story by Chris Johnson (website url) here

On another matter, the Cobalt-30 Degrees Club in Washington DC has renovated its dance floor, enlarging it, moving the bar to one side with a “California style” display, putting an extra step to the stage, and more decoration around the DJ area.  Friday night was packed and festive to say the least (perhaps wild).  In the middle of the floor, the music gets a bit shrill, but that effect dissipates toward the walls, particularly on the stage. 

I guess I was intercepted for these two shots.

One other note:  I am not aware of any 24-hour parking garage in the area.  I usually take the Metro to Farragut Square and it is about a 15-minute (almost one mile) walk.  (Dupont Circle  on the Red Line is closer but an extra train change for me, and Metro is getting increasingly slow and unreliable on weekends with so many track-work shutdowns.)  There is a Colonial Parking garage at 18th and M that used to be open until 3 AM weekends but now is open only until 1 AM.  Businesses in the 17th St area should arrange with a commercial garage to provide 24-hour parking. They do it well in West Hollywood, why not here?  (Because we don't own the city, stupid!)

I understand that Town has its Fifth Anniversary Sat. Nov. 17.  Town, remember, “replaces” the Velvet Nation (which gave way to the real estate development that accompanied Nationals Park – maybe a necessary sacrifice to have a first place team) – and remember Velvet had replaced Tracks, which had been a great Navy Yard area disco in the 1990s (remember the volleyball courts!) 

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