Sunday, November 04, 2012

Town DC holds "set the clock back" party; Metro Weekly assesses Romney

Saturday, Nov. 2, the Town Discotheque in Washington DC held a huge post-Halloween, post-High-Heels “set the clock back” party, with huge crowds early, people clubbing because of the extra hour. I arrived at about 10:30 PM and found the parking lot had already gone into valet mode (had no problems with it, but I carry two keys; car was brought to me immediately when I left about 2 AM becoming 1 AM).

The lot used to fill up early on Friday nights (because of Bear Happy Hour maybe) and have plenty of room early Saturday nights.  The attendants say that two nearby lots have closed for real estate construction, leading much more demand for parking.

The decorations were down, but the drag show was long, and both floors were as crowded as ever. 
The Metro Weekly has an important comparison of Romney and Obama in an article by Justin Snow, here (no url yet for article).

Snow says that Romney has not made any statement about the repeal of “don’t ask don’t tell” and has not said that he would try to bring back the military ban. However he did oppose the repeal in 2010 (pretty much the way John McCain did). 

He also says that Romney says that the Boy Scouts should not discriminate against openly gay members and volunteers, even though he thinks that government has no role in a private organization’s policies.

Romney is said not to believe that ENDA is necessary, and even Obama has not made much progress in ordering federal contractors not to discriminate – in practice they do not, but this issue harkens back to the days less than 20 years ago when security clearances could be an issue.  Lifting DADT has also relieved potential issues with security clearances.

‘Romney is said to oppose not only gay marriage but also civil unions which confer the benefits of marriage.  The only benefit he thinks should be honored is hospital visitation.

Romney thinks that every child should have a mother and father if possible, but does not oppose adoption by same-sex couples. 

Romney opposes specific legislation for LGBT-related hate crimes (or bullying).

Romney does have a pretty good record of keeping his religion out of his policy beliefs.  But procreation is looked at as a major moral responsibility by his Mormon faith.  

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