Monday, December 10, 2012

Gay marriage starts in Seattle, WA state; MD, ME to follow shortly

In Washington State, numerous same-sex marriage ceremonies took place Sunday. Dec. 9, with apparently over 130 weddings in Seattle. 
The Huffington Post has a detailed story here.

In Maryland, couples can now register but recognized ceremonies cannot occur until Jan. 1, 2013. 
Same-sex marriages in Maine can start Dec. 29, Reuters story here

I can remember, back in 1997, that allowing states to experiment with marriage but not requiring or expecting federal recognition was considered a progressive view.  In those days, Hawaii and Vermont had been the states in play.  That was the case as I wrote my first “Do Ask Do Tell” book.  Times changed even more quickly – and suddenly – than I would have expected, most of the shift actually during a Republican administration.  The Internet – and the free speech cases (like COPA) have more to do with it than more people realize. 

Goodness – remember Santorum’s laughable amendment attempt in the summer of 2004? It was all on C-span.
Wikipedia picture of Spokane WA (my own visit, July 1990, right along this highway. going to Idaho, to spy on redneck country!)

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