Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Over 75 prominent Republicans sign brief supporting same-sex marriage; conservatives start wondering about immutability

A story by Sheryl Gay Stolberg in the New York Times Tuesday Feb. 26 reports that “dozens of prominent Republicans” have signed a legal brief (for the Supreme Court litigation on DOMA and Proposition 8) expressing their view that gays have a legal right to same-sex marriage. The link is here.
The running count was 75 on Monday evening, shocking some social conservatives, and obviously fitting the Log Cabin Republicans thesis back to the 90s.  LCR has put its response on Facebook this morning, here.   The brief was signed by Jon Hunstsman, a Mormon, and Meg Whitman.  The Mormon Church (despite having tried to rig Prop 8 a few years ago in California) has recently shown some willingness to accept the idea that views on sexual orientation and marriage are a private or personal matter, possibly because of the enormous pressure put on it by the media (several books and independent films and one super-popular Broadway show).

But in the conservative. (or even reactionary) Washington Times on Tuesday, Cheryl Wetzstein has a story “Born this way? Five court cases will put focus on gay identity”, here. Many constitutional scholars feel that immutability is critical to equal protection claims.  Yes, it is.  But I’ve always been a “due process” person.  I would always ask, even if it were a “choice”, why do “you” care about the intimate “private choices” that “I” make. Is it the "existential meaning" of these "choices" that affects “you”?
Pictures: 1 is the Stonewall, 3 is the Monster, 4 is Boots 'n' Saddle, all NYC.  2 is a theater where I think I saw "The Fifth of July" in 1978, on a very important date, as it turned out. 

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