Friday, February 15, 2013

Town DC holds "first" Valentine's Day Party (one day late); Blade editor criticizes Democrats

The Town Discotheque in Washington DC held the first of two Valentine’s Day parties Friday night, February 15, 2013 (last weekend was Mardi Gras).  Guests were invited to text their intended beloved ones, and the messages appeared on the movie screen behind the downstairs bar.

Friday night continues an earlier happy hour for “The Bears” (Sept. 22, 2012).  The upstairs dance floor seemed to be getting pretty active and crowded by about 11:30, even as the drag show continued. The crowd includes age 18 and up on Friday, and it seemed that a number of people had come from a party at the Verizon Center.  I had been to a "compute hackers" party near Union Station (more about that tomorrow). 
The “Valentine’s Day” Party came on a night of rain mixed with wet snow (this is February in Washington), and on a day of a particularly provocative issue of the Washington Blade.  The headlines referred to the Pope as “God’s Rottweiler”  (referring to the Pope’s resignation) and discussed his particularly vile letter (in his days as a cardinal) back in 1986 when he had characterized homosexuality as an “objective disorder”, language notorious at the time and since softened by the Vatican (which begrudgingly accepts the idea of immutability but demands “sacrifice”).  Kevin Naff, editor of the Washington Blade (Huffington Post page is here) wrote an interesting piece ("Revisiting Sinners of the Past", link) assessing the Democratic Party, President Obama, Maryland governor O’Malley, and celebrities who finally come out  after years in the closet (like Anderson Cooper) with a good deal of constructive criticism.

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