Saturday, March 23, 2013

CNN, New York times have major "opposing viewpoints" today on ENDA, gay marriage; CNN "Legal Guys" still talk in circles on constitutional issues

Today, CNN has an Opinion piece on ENDA by John Sutter, “No one should be fired for being gay”, link here.   
He discusses the case of Andre Cooley in Hattiesburg, MS, who was fired from employment by the Sherriff’s office after a call to police about a domestic disturbance with a boyfriend. 
The long article links to a piece by the Family Research Council that argues that ENDA will undermine the “free market”, linked today on my main “BillBoushka” blog in a discussion of “conflict of interest” and self-publishing.  Actually, Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty (GLIL) had argued against laws like ENDA in the 1990s, resulting on one particularly awkward press release in 1996. My question becomes, to people who want to fire gay employees, “why do you want to?  Why is someone else’s life skin off your bone?” One FRC argument, that gay “conduct” is “chosen” even if sexual attraction itself were immutable, would imply that extra sacrifices (for the supposed “common good”) should be expected of those who are emotionally different, so they can be made to “fit in”. 
Today, on CNN, Avery Fisher and Richard Herman, the “legal guys”, discussed the litigation to be argued before the Supreme Court, on DOMA and Proposition 8, on Tuesday.  People are already camping out all weekend to get in.  There was a lot of discussion of equal protection.
The New York Times has numerous articles on gay marriage today, but the most important seems to be “However justices rule, issues remain”, by Tara Siegel Bernard, link here, oddly under the “Your Money” column.  

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