Friday, March 08, 2013

Days' "Will and Sonny": I can imagine scenarios that create a greater moral challenge

I see that I discussed “Will and Sonny” from “Days of our Lives” on Jan. 24, and recent episodes have impressed me with the way someone else who is self-righteous enough (Nick Fallon, played by Blake Berris) could bully Will (Chandler Massey) into (apparently) giving up any claim on his daughter, and then say he was doing it because he hated Will for being gay.  That was a horrible confrontation.  Also terrifying was the stuff about “I did my time, some other people don’t do theirs.”  It looks like something “happened” to Nick in prison all right, and he is taking it out on Will.
But the whole setup seems artificial.  Will, after all, was capable of enough heterosexual interest to father a child, the biological way.  The “normal” expectation is, if he has enough feeling for his own daughter in the womb of a woman, he could care for the woman too.  I wouldn’t have put myself in that situation.
I think if you want to show the dramatic potential of “external pressure” on a gay man, there are other dramatic ideas soap opera could look at.  For example, imagine two brothers, one gay and one straight, and the straight one has leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant.  The gay brother (who could be an identical twin because of epigenetics, but doesn’t have to be) is a donor match.  One situation is that he is HIV+ but asymptomatic because of the anti-retroviral drugs.  Obviously he can’t save his brother’s life.  Another situation is that he is HIV-, but forbidden to donate by FDA policy.
Or imagine a situation where there are two brothers, and the straight one is married with children.  The straight brother and his wife but not the kids die in a car accident.   The parents expect the younger brother to be able to raise the kids.  The younger brother is like Will with a partner like Sonny.  That could get interesting in a soap opera.  (I suppose it’s easier if the gay brother is like Nolan on “Revenge” and is already self-made and rich.) 

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