Monday, March 18, 2013

News poll finds rapid increase in general public support of gay marriage

A Washington Post and ABC News poll shows that public support for gay marriage is at an all-time high, now up to 58%, mirroring the portions of a decade ago. And among people 18-29, the support is 81%.
The link for the story by Jon Cohen is here

Hilary Clinton has also "come out" in support of gay marriage.  That helps set her up for 2016, perhaps.  
The passing of the desperate arguments by Maggie Gallagher and Jennifer Roback Morse is remarkable.  And “Focus on the Family” is finding the “Garden of the Gods” near Colorado Springs as a bit less glamorous as a symbol of righteousness.  (I saw the grounds from a distance in 1994.)
This really is a generational thing.  Young adults in the west are much less “tribal” in their self-awareness than were their ancestors.  And young adults seem to just be more "fluid", almost like chess players who don't like blocked positions.   

Section picture: Atlantic City's disco is somewhere in this area; I didn't have time to look for it Thursday.  I was there in 2004, and they didn't allow tennis shoes in the disco; don't know why.

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