Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pro sports teams players start speaking out for gay marriage, but seem not to have any gay players right now

Minnesota Vikings (Special Teams) punter Chris Kluwe, who I must say looks quite handsome and sounds very articulate, spoke on CNN  (to Anderson Cooper) Wednesday night in favor of same-sex marriage and equality. Kluwe had spoken out against a Maryland state delegate who tried to silence a Baltimore Ravens (Super Bowl winners) player for supporting gay marriage.

The AC360 link ("People are not being treated fairly") is here (the embed stopped working quickly).

There is also a similar YouTine video:
But Kluwe affirmed what CNN reports, that to the best of anyone’s knowledge, there are no gay players right now in the NFL, MLB or NBA.   However, he said that the NLF and MLB are adopting stricter policies of preventing recruiters or coaches from inquiring into prospects’ social lives. 

Kluwe said that the pro sports world is extremely competitive at entry, and players don’t like distractions.   The intimate life of pro sports could provide more issues than it would, say, in other competitive fields like media, movies or music.  The lifting of “don’t ask don’t tell” for the military could help improve the climate for gay players.
A story about Kluwe is here
Professional players used to share hotel rooms on road trips (they could choose roommates), but I think that now they have private rooms.  In the minors they don’t, though.
There is more (social) contact between pro sports players and other celebrities and the general public now than there used to be because of Facebook and Twitter.  I even traded tweets with a couple of the Nationals after the playoff loss to St. Louis.  A few of them have homes or apartments not so far from my own location in Arlington, and could show up at popular neighborhood spots (like the Westover Market).  (There was rash of straight marriages in MLB during the post season.)  Opening Day for MLB is April 1. 
In 1965, I actually ran into the entire New York Mets baseball team at a Greyhound Bus Station, having been swept in a weekend series, in Pittsburgh after visiting a college friend at Carnegie.

Update:  March 29

More comments on CNN today tended to suggested that there are a few gay players (esp. in the NFL) who have not come out but might.  "Biseuxality" (among men who also marry and and have relations with women) may be more common that previously thought.    

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