Sunday, March 10, 2013

SLDN: report shows that DOMA now hurts military effectiveness

I did not attend the SLDN Annual Dinner for 2013 last night, as I was away yesterday.  Priorities would have included equal rights for same-sex partners of legally married servicemembers, but probably even more pressing is dealing with reenlistment options and benefits (separation or retirement) for those discharged previously under “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” before 2011.

I will find quite an exhibit on “military values” at the Frostburg Museum in Maryland yesterday.  I also found a convenience store that advertised itself as a “Veteran Owned Business”.
SLDN-OutServe  has an article and press release on how the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) still in litigation harms the US Armed Forces here

On the international area, Queen Elizabeth II is adding a provision against discrimination to the Commonwealth Charter, but it seems to avoid specific reference to sexual orientation in order to avoid disturbing Commonwealth members that have anti-gay laws.  Huffington has a story here
What does happen in the Royal Family is some day the main heir  to the throne is openly gay? There is still a big spectacle over heterosexual marriage and, of course, babies.  I don’t think an adopted child can be in succession.  

Update: March 19

Metro Weekly has some photo coverage of the SLDN national dinner here

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