Sunday, March 03, 2013

Surveys show large numbers of gays acting as parents, and with military service; DOJ brief on Prop 8 published

About two percent (or 6 million people) have a parent who is gay or lesbian.  One in five same-sex couples raises children.  And one ten male couples has at least one partner who is a military veteran (or on active duty).  These demographics are reported Sunday by Carol Morello in the Washington Post, with story link here

The 2010 Census had counted 640000 same-sex couples, with 130000 legally married according to their respective states.

Asking questions about sexual orientation in census surveys (including special surveys that are based on statistical sampling of all areas of the country) remains controversial.  Some respondents could find it intrusive, and some social conservatives don’t like facing the findings.

It’s also interesting to note the repeated pleas in the media (such as with NBC4’s “Wednesday’s Child”) for more people to become interested in adopting children, including hard-to-place teens.  In some cases, they seem to be interested in attracting singles and same-sex couples.  Polcymakers have not been willing to discuss this issue much.
On Friday, after discussing the federal sequestration, President Obama briefly  discussed his view on the litigation on same-sex marriage before the Supreme Court, with a general link at the Whitehouse site here,   under “Expanding Equality”. 
The New York Times published a PDF of the DOJ’s amicus brief in the case of Hollingswoth v. Perry (Proposition 8) in California here
This is going to be an interesting Supreme Court season. 

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