Wednesday, March 13, 2013

VA "crimes against nature" law struck down officially; 13 states haven't been

A federal appeals court has officially invalidated Virginia's "crimes against nature" law, based on Lawrence v. Texas.  The ruling seems a bit confusing because the Virginia case involved a heterosexual solicitation by a 47 year old man of a 17 year old girl, and the age of consent in Virginia is 18 (as it is in California, Arizona, Wisconsin, and a few other states).  There may have been some lingering question since a heterosexual application wouldn't violate equal protection, although it would seem to violate due process.  But it would make sense (to me at least) to apply the age of consent laws anyway (even if they are set higher than necessary).  

Atlantic Wire has a story here.

Thirteen other states still have sodomy laws on the books, despite Lawrence v Texas, and some apply to gay only. Texas 21.06 is apparently still on the books.

The AP story appeared in the Washington Post, here.

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