Sunday, April 21, 2013

An unusual "party" at a bar during the daytime Saturday

I was attending the Filmfest DC at the NYU Auditorium on L Street in Washington DC, and between films (at about 7 PM) I noticed (with the help of Droid)  that I was two blocks and one alley away from the Green Lantern off of 14th St. 
I walked over there, had trouble getting noticed downstairs by the bartender who was overwhelmed by a number of running tabs, and went upstairs instead and witnessed the “Spanking Party”. I had never seen anything like this.  I was invited to “take a number” but simply had a beer.  The bartender knew the Nationals baseball team pretty well and that Bryce Harper’s monster home run had just won a game for the Nats. The Orioles were beating the Dodgers (NL) twice.  The Red Sox were winning their emotionally important game.  A conversation about MLB with “spanking” (just one person) going on in a leather saddle on a stage, with some video, was odd indeed.
They’re not much too it, a little redness.  It’s hardly an existential fantasy.  I understand that this event happens there the third Saturday every month. 

Picture: Yes, Chicago comes to the Green Lantern.  

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