Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Malaysia puts on anti-gay musical; SBC official scapegoats gays for North Korea; Michael Reagan argues against gay marriage

The UK site “Guardian” has a story about an anti-gay “musical” sponsored by the Muslim Malaysian government. It’s called “Abnormal Desire” or “Asmara Songsang”.  The title pretty well explains the “philosophy”, detailed in the news story by Kate Hodal, link here. Call it "The Big (Anti-)Gay Musical".  
Anderson Cooper AC360 tonight covered a story in which Frank Luter reportedly implied that North Korea’s escalating threats against the United States in recent days (including today with the approaching “moment of explosion”) are related to the recent Supreme Court attention to gay marriage.  Salon has a story by Jillian Rayfield here
There was some discussion on the AC360 show about the idea of man wanting to supersede “God’s laws”.   Remember, we heard Jerry Falwell trying to blame gays and lesbians for 9/11.
There is something about the way totalitarian societies want to treat those who are “different” but still competitive in society on their own.  The extreme right (Nazi Germany) sees them as “unfit to live”.  The extreme Left (Maoism, Stalinism, and now North Korean communism) sees “different” or “special” people as mooches.  The two ends of authoritarian philosophy more or less meet at the other side of the world, the polar antithesis of libertarianism. 
Michael Reagan (son of Ronald Reagan) wrote a provocative op-ed arguing that churches should argue for “righteousness” (maybe self-righteousness)  and not “wimp” on the 501(c)(3), and warns of a “slippery slope”.  Piers Morgan argued with Michael tonight on his show, link

In the show, Piers Morgan mentioned (governor) Ronald Reagan's opposition to the Briggs Initiative in California in 1978, which would have banned gays from teaching.

The link for Piers Morgan's interview tonight on CNN is here.  

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