Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Openly gay college football field goal kicker to try out with NFL

The Washington Blade recently tweeted a story in “OutrageDC” about Washington DC native Alan Genreau who is trying  out in the National Football League as a field goal kicker and would be the NFL’s first “openly gay” player.  The link for the story is here

He says that the environment in college at Middle Tennessee State was “religious” but he never had any particular issues.  

The news story includes a YouTube video, and, yes, he is clean-cut and super “attractive”.
I haven’t been to many pro football games, but when I have, I’ve wondered who would want to be a 300-pound lineman anyway.

Someone with unusual distance or angle l field goal kicking abilities would indeed be sought by NFL teams.  
I also remember being coerced to play football at around age 8 in a field on Quincy St in Arlington near the library.  The field is now developed with various sports fields, but it was a day of infamy for me.

I still think that MLB would have an easier time with this issue than the NFL.  We’d love to have it happen in DC.  A controversy might get the Nationals out of their current funk.

Both the NFL and MLB say they are trying to end discrimination by recruiters, but that educating everyone will be difficult.
I’ve wondered about whether there are opening gay players in international chess.  Back in the 1950s, Ruben Fine  (“The Psychology of the Chess Player”) advanced a theory that this would not happen because chess sublimates sexual impulses.  Now, that would sound like a silly idea.  

Update: April 29

NBA's Jason Collins has come out as gay (CNN story). He has played with the Washington Wizards most recently, and was going to be a free agent next year. 

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