Sunday, April 28, 2013

TownDC holds "Tracks Reunion"; former owner tells "The Story of Tracks Nightclub" in film on YouTube

Over the weekend, the Town Discotheque in Washington DC has held its “Tracks Reunion”. With the main celebration upstairs early Saturday evening, April 26.
Tracks was the largest disco in Washington DC from 1984 to 1999.  It was located in SE, near the Navy Yard, and was closed when the area was razed for real estate development. Eventually, this rebuilding would include Nationals Park in 2008, as well as many offices and condominiums.
The facility had a large dance floor, a video room (which incorporated a smaller floor), an outdoor volleyball court with sand, and sometimes a tent that housed a larger dance floor. 

In May 1993, on a Sunday afternoon, the club had a fundraiser for lifting the ban and for the new organization that would lead to SLDN. I believe Tracey Thorne was present at it.  
After it closed, a club called “Velvet Nation” opened nearby, and would close in 2006.  Town would open late in 2007, but in the U-Street area.  The only large club left in SE is Ziegfeld’s-Secrets.

Near the Tracks and later Velvet properties, there have existed some other clubs.  The Lost and Found was a great favorite of Frank Kameny in the 1970s.  The “Wet” featured showers and dancers.  In Washington, police have not allowed touching of dancers, as contrasted with Minneapolis-St. Paul, where touching with tips is allowed but, oddly, photography is not.

Around 9:30 PM, former owner Marty Chernoff spoke about Tracks (as had a former DJ), and he mentioned that there is a Tracks in Denver, CO, which will have special party on July 4. 

There is another youtube video (50 minutes), “The Story of Tracks Nightclub”, here

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