Monday, June 17, 2013

Baltimore Pride Fest has some creative exhibitors this year

Baltimore’s Pride Festival was held in Druid Hill Park as usual, and seemed a bit smaller and “earthier” this year.  In cloudy weather, with a few sprinkles, the total crowd was a little smaller, and I found parking close-in along the lake. 
There was a large crowd for a stage rock performance, and there was another stage for the drag shows on the lake, giving a “Great Gatsby” look.
What was interesting this year was the booths.  Of course, “Maryland Gay Wedding” was there. 
The Baltimore Police Department had a hiring poster.
But the most interesting book came from a group called “Be More Ethical”, with website here  actually from the Baltimore Ethical Society.  (In the 1970's, I attended an "Ethical Culture" service in Manhattan with a friend on a Sunday morning.)  There was a poster of “Ten Commandments”, which start with altruism (as number 1) and include critical thinking and empathy (there can be some logical confllicts). 
My “altruism” would be tested as I left.  As I got into my Ford Focus by the lake, an overweight African American woman waddled by and begged for a ride to her car.  I never pick up “hitchhikers” and so technically this was a no-no.  It was rather obvious she was having trouble walking because of Type 2 diabetes and foot neuropathy.  I gave the rise, although the front seat was a mess, and I was not prepared for a sudden call for “radical hospitality”.  I’ll leave the existential comments for another post.

Perhaps I owed some karma.  A while earlier, I had been lucky to avoid an accident in a traffic mess trying to get to I-83, past the Baltimore Symphony, which needed police to direct traffic, badly.  A young woman almost stepped in front of me.  There was an incident like that in Arlington in the early fall of 2012, when some teenager were walking and crowding a sidewalk.  One stumbled into Lee Highway.  I had already slowed instinctively because I recognized the teen from a local church.  

Maybe older drivers are safer. and see the hidden hazards sooner.  

There is a rumor that the Supreme Court is likely to hand down a ruling on DOMA and/or Prop 8 today or tomorrow.   Stay tuned. 


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