Saturday, June 08, 2013

Capital Pride Parade in Washington DC seems to be the longest ever

The Capital Pride Parade in Washington DC on Saturday, June 9, 2013., seemed to be the largest and longest ever.  It marched from Dupont Circle to 14th  and P Streets (almost to Logan Circle) and then turned north and returned on R Street.  The entire precession took about two and one half hours. 

The one political issue noticeable on some of the floats was ENDA, and the failure of Obama yet to sign an executive order forbidding discrimination in federal contracting,, which I presume is getting rare.

I saw one woman with a back T-shirt sign that read "Down with communism", and another with a T-shirt reading "Russia: Free expression, not repression".  

People gathered on balconies of many new condo buildings along the routes.  

The block party at JR’s started earlier than usual.  I dropped my draft beer, or it slid off, when I tried to check my cell phone for the Nationals score.  “They” lost to the old Senators (now the Minnesota Twins), 4-3; it’s odd that there was a full ballpark on the same day and at the same time as the Pride March.

Cell phone Internet service from Verizon got spotty; everyone noticed that, maybe from overloading.  The weather was perfect; the tropical storm had cleared out completely and the sky was completely clear, temperature about 75, very little wind. 

I went into McDonald's on 17th St for dessert (after a salad meal near 14th Street, testing my new dentures). My souvenir submarine hat (from my 1993 submarine visit when I was starting reseearcg ib my first DADT book) attracted attention.  We had a nice conversation with some men from Argentina, Brazil and Wales;  no one spoke with even the slightest accent.  The well-off in Buenos Aries and Sao Paolo live like us, but the divide between rich and poor (the real South America) is more striking.

As usual, I went to the Cobalt for the Pride dance.  This is the first year with the 3rd floor dance floor expanded by the renovation last fall, with a bar area that looks like a similar one in a hotel I stayed in in San Sebastian, Spain in 20091.  The dancing gets started much earlier on Pride Saturday night, and gets rather aggressive.  

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